Our Writers

– Why We Started

At Writing-Help-Essay.com, we wouldn’t be where we are without our writers. They make up a huge portion of the service and each one is dedicated to our goal of helping as many students as possible. Many of these writers, however, have said that they wouldn’t have joined the company if we hadn’t put set philosophies into place. To explain how we have attracted so many high-quality writers it is important to look at the founding of Writing-Help-Essay.

When this service started, there were only a handful of decent quality writing companies available to students. Many would cut corners, offer plagiarized work or miss deadlines. Being a writer for a service like that was viewed as a very poor thing to do. Our founders started Writing-Help-Essay to combat this negative image of the essay writing industry. They guaranteed reliability, professionalism and always put the student first. This approach quickly gained a reputation and writers from all fields of academia came to work for Writing-Help-Essay.com.

Our Company

While the writers are very important, it is necessary first to talk about other parts of the service we provide. Our customer support team is where experts match students to the right writers. They do this by reviewing their order. Each support team member has an extensive knowledge of our writers and will instantly be able to match you to an academic. Often, if your topic is broad enough, you will be presented with a choice of writers. Each one will be highly qualified to help, and it will be completely down to you who you would like to work with.

The Writers And What They Can Do

As we have a large number of writers, it is a given that our team can cover a wide range of topics. Talking directly to our customer support team will let you know exactly how many experts we have for any given topic.

More importantly than the subject, which can always be researched, is the style of the essay. Our writers are experts at creating:

  • Research papers
  • Discussion essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Assignment completion
  • Speeches
  • Dissertations
  • Theses

Any type of essay you need, Writing-Help-Essay.com will be able to provide it quickly and affordably.